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The premier mobile notary public in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. This includes Cedar Park, Round Rock, Bee Cave, Manor, Elgin, Leander, Liberty Hill, Georgetown and more.

Loan Signing

Our expertise in loan signing services ensures a smooth and efficient process for real estate transactions. Whether you're a buyer, seller, or real estate professional, our certified loan signing agents are dedicated to providing a seamless experience. Conventional, FHA, VA, Reverse Mortgages, HELOC, Seller Docs.

Estate Planning Documents

If you're considering estate planning in Austin, you may have questions about the associated costs and when to start the process. Estate planning costs can vary based on the complexity of your estate and the services required. It's advisable to start planning as early as possible, and our notaries can guide you through the process.

Apostille Services

Obtaining an apostille for your documents in Austin is a straightforward process with our assistance. The cost of an apostille may vary based on the type of document and other factors. Our notaries can guide you through the necessary steps to ensure your documents are properly authenticated.

Mobile Notary in Austin

Welcome to Fast Mobile Notary, where expertise, reliability, and customer satisfaction converge.
At Fast Mobile Notary, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of mobile notary services in Austin designed to meet the unique needs of our clients in North Austin and its surrounding areas. Our commitment to excellence, reliability, and convenience sets us apart as your trusted notary partner.

Austin Mobile Notary Public

As the premier mobile notary public in Austin and our specialty is notarizing loan documents, divorce documents, business agreements, identification verification, I-9 authorization forms, adoption forms, apostille authentications, and advanced healthcare directives and more. We have experience with various types of residential mortgage packages including purchase loans, refinances, HELOC, reverse mortgages and hard money agreements.

Notary Public In Austin

Why would you leave your home or office to get a notary stamp when you can simply call us to come to you? Our convenient mobile notary service allows you to schedule an appointment at your location, whether it’s during your lunch break or between business meetings. Proudly affiliated with nationally recognized notary associations, our commitment to upholding the industry’s highest standards is unwavering. These association not only symbolizes our dedication to staying up to date with the latest notary practices but also underscores our unwavering dedication to continuous improvement and service excellence.

Texas Loan Signing Agent

Being a certified loan signing agent, we bring a specialized proficiency to the forefront. This certification ensures our fluency in the nuances of loan documents, providing clients with a smooth and efficient experience throughout real estate transactions. For an added level of security, our $100,000 errors and omissions insurance policy serves as an added layer of assurance, offering peace of mind to our valued clients. Title agencies and escrow companies rely on us to close loans efficiently for borrowers who have recently secured a new residential mortgage or a purchase loan. Just like the mortgage industry experts, you can trust us to ensure your loan documents are accurately signed, dated, stamped, packaged, and delivered with meticulous attention to detail. This guarantees your documents are processed promptly, meeting all critical loan funding deadlines.

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Affordable Notary Austin

We are committed to offering the most affordable mobile notary services in Austin, TX and surrounding areas. Our upfront pricing and prompt response to inquiries gives us an advantage that most notary companies in Central Texas can't deliver.

Mobile Notary Austin

  • Apostille
  • Acknowledgments
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Parental Consent Forms
  • Adoption Forms
  • Passport Applications
  • Mortgages
  • Copy Certification
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Affidavits
  • Loan Documents
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Bill of Sale
  • Business Documents
  • Promissory Notes
  • Deed Notarizations
  • Commercial Leases
  • Child Custody Documents
  • Jurats
  • Wedding Officiant
  • Healthcare Directives
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Oaths/ Affirmations
  • Cash Out Signings
  • I-9 Verifications
  • Estate Plan Documents
  • Divorce Documents
  • Signature Witnessing
  • Contract Notarizations
  • Vehicle Title Transfers
  • HELOCs
  • and more!

Austin Notary Services

We offer a wide range of mobile notary services, and even offer some additional conveniences to our customers who may need more than just a local notary public. You can rely on us for Austin ink fingerprinting services, residential property inspections in Austin, local document courier services, and wedding officiant services near Austin. Whether you need to notarize a simple business contract or get a notary stamp to open a postal office box, we can handle these requests quickly, often within an hour. If you need a notary public for safe deposit witnessing, property inspections, field inspections, loan signings, or divorce decrees, give us a call right now at 512-866-1888.

For background checks or legal requirements, our Austin fingerprinting services are accurate, reliable, and tailored to your specific needs. We prioritize confidentiality and professionalism in every fingerprinting session.

Document Courier

Our commitment to convenience extends to secure and timely document courier services. Whether it’s important legal papers or crucial documents, we ensure their safe and prompt document courier services in Austin.

Property Inspections

Our residential property inspections in Austin go beyond the surface, providing a detailed examination of a property’s condition. From structural elements to electrical and plumbing systems, we offer a comprehensive inspection report to assist you in making informed decisions.

Celebrate your love story with a ceremony tailored just for you. Our Austin wedding officiant services bring a personalized touch to your special day. We work closely with couples to understand their unique vision, ensuring a ceremony that reflects their love and commitment.

Getting Verified

The identification verification process is a crucial step in notarizing documents. As your trusted notary service in Austin, we follow a meticulous process to ensure the authenticity of each transaction.

Acceptable Forms of Government-Issued ID

The most accepted form of ID, a driver’s license provides a photo and signature for verification.

An internationally recognized ID, a passport is often used for notarizations, providing a high level of identification.

A state-issued identification card is an acceptable form of ID for notary services.

Members of the military can present their military ID for notarization purposes.

Notary Verification

Presentation of Government-Issued ID:
To initiate the identification process, we will need you or the individual seeking notarization to show us a valid government-issued ID. 

Examination by the Notary:
Our mobile notaries, trained to the highest standards, will examine the presented ID by simply verifying the photo, signature, and other relevant details to confirm the person’s identity.

Recording Information:
Once we have confirmed the identity, we record information from the ID, such as the document type, serial number, and expiration date into a notary journal. This creates a detailed record of the notarization process.

Mobile Notary Near Me

Looking for mobile notary services in Pflugerville? Our reliable and punctual notary services take extra steps to ensure that we cover all parts of North Austin. We are happy to serve customers who need a notary public in Pflugerville and surrounding areas. We also travel to Elgin, Manor, Wells Branch, Jollyville and more.

An affordable mobile notary public in Round Rock is not a challenge to find, but finding a notary service with the level of professionalism and expertise that Fast Mobile Notary offers can not be compared. We also offer mobile notary services in Georgetown, Leander mobile notary, and also act as a notary public in Liberty Hill.

Why Choose Our Mobile Notary Service?

  1. Convenience: We come to you, saving you the time and hassle of traveling to a notary office.
  2. Flexibility: Schedule an appointment that fits into your busy schedule.
  3. Reliability: Our meticulous attention to detail ensures your documents are correctly processed.
  4. Quick Response: We handle urgent requests swiftly, often completing them within an hour.

Hospital Notarizations

Health concerns should not hinder your ability to get documents notarized. Our notaries are available for hospital notarizations, providing convenience when it matters most.

Jail Notarizations

We understand that certain situations may require notarizations within correctional facilities. Our notaries provide reliable services during challenging times, ensuring essential paperwork is completed.

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Emergency Notary Service Austin

In addition to our regular mobile notary services in Austin, we also offer emergency notary service in the event that you need a notary to perform hospital notarization services or jail notary services.





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